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You may or may not have heard recently that there have been some small changes to the rules on how internet retailers and websites function involving the use of cookies and you may be wondering what cookies are and how this affects you.

As part of the new legislation, it's our duty to provide you with information on cookies and how we use them.

What are cookies?

Cookies are a simple website technology which is a tiny text file that is stored on your computer when you visit various web pages. These text files do no harm whatsoever and carry no personal information at all but they allow a website server to communicate with your computer to enable website functions.

Cookies are a very common part of how all websites work and have many different uses, e.g. remembering what things you have bought and put into your shopping trolley.

Why do we need cookies?

Cookies help internet browsers to move around websites and look for items efficiently. It would be sometimes be impossible even to place an order and most of the web pages might not be functioning without cookies.

Cookies would also assist us to know how people use our website and this would help us to improve our website to make it more efficient and easy for people to use.

What different types of cookies are there and what do they do?

There are various types of cookies that function differently to one another. Cookies also only remain on your computer for a set amount of time and carry no personal information at all. Here is a little more detail on the different types of cookies, and what they do:

Session cookies- these cookies only last for a small amount of time and expire once you have closed your internet browser.

Persistent cookies - these are cookies exist between browser sessions (when you close your internet browser and open a new one later on). Persistent cookies each have a set expiry date and last a little longer than session cookies.

What are first and third party cookies?

First party cookies are the ones that are created and used by the website you are on.

Third party cookies are those that have been created by one website but also used by another.

Cookies on Wai Leung Solicitors

In order to use our website, cookies will need to be enabled on your browser. By using the Wai Leung Solicitors website you agree to our Privacy and Cookie policy and consent to our use of cookies.

More information

We hope that we have answered any questions that you may have about cookies. If you would like any more information at all, please feel free to email us at mail@wlsolicitors.com or find out more information here: www.aboutcookies.org 


Last updated on 29.05.2018